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Standard Bore Brush
--Bought the 38 and 45 cal reg brushes, very good, lasting reasonable amount of time with heavy
use, shipped quickly. Will buy more products as needed from this company.  
Mark S in Lawton
OK, Aug 2014.

--I’m happy to say that it arrived whole, complete, in perfect condition - and with much appreciated
samples of your patented triangular patches. Many thanks. I do want to make the comment that it
took quite a while for the order to get processed by you. I don’t know the circumstances of your
company, nor whether you get very many orders other than from distributors of your products, but
over a week in processing prior to shipping is not up to 21st century standards for online orders.  
That’s the only down-check I have. Your product (in this case 9mm pistol-length phosphor bronze
brushes in bulk pack) is
excellent. Do you have rifle-length 9mm phosphor brushes in the 10 pack
bulk? I am using these for a Mosin Nagant that was put up with a lot of fouling (at arsenal in CCCP)
and find that the 9mm is getting the lands of the barrel successively more clean each time, where
the 30 caliber brushes just don’t do much with this time-hardened fouling. Any other suggestions?  
Jim R in Hopkinsville KY, Aug 2014.

Brushsmith comment: on jag brush

--Hello, I am writing to provide feedback on a recent order I placed for a 10 pack of .22/.223 nylon
bore brushes. I am completely satisfied with this transaction. I received the products via US mail in
less than one week after the order was placed. They were well packaged and
very high quality.
Exactly what I was hoping for.  Regards.  
John B in Stowe VT, April 2014.

--I've been using your standard bore brushes in my RCBS Trim Mate to clean my brass and also to
clean the bores in my rifles and hand guns. Nice tight fit with ruining my carbide cleaning rods.
Another great product from your company. Glad I found out about you. Great products. I do and
would recommend to anyone.  
George B in Frankfort NY, Feb 2014

--good fast service  like the bore brush.   Vincent D in Marion SC, Oct 2013

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