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Gun Cleanser tm
--. . . sample of Bore Smith Gun Cleanser.  It sat around for a while until I had to remove built-up
carbon from the end of a 1911 Barrel Hood.  I used my already opened bottle of someone else's
carbon removing product, applied it, let it sit for 10 minutes (per instructions) and then brushed the
area with a brass bristle scrub brush.  This product did not remove any of the carbon.  I repeated
the process again, with the same result!  For some reason, I remembered your sample bottle of
Bore Cleanser and gave it a try.  After application, I let it set for 10 minutes.  Then, I scrubbed the
area with the brass scrub brush.  
Amazingly, the carbon was removed in several swipes!  The
next day I ordered two 4 oz. bottles of the Bore Cleanser.  
Your product is the best cleaner that I
have ever used.
 What really surprised  me was that it also removed carbon so well, too!  I have
tried every cleaning and carbon removing product that I could find.  
Your Gun Cleanser is clearly
superior to anything else I have tried, for both bore cleaning and carbon removal
.  Kudos to you!

Please let me know if your Gun Cleanser is available in a (1) gallon size, as I would like to try it out
in my ultrasonic cleaner tank.  My thinking is that its use will eliminate the need for water rinsing
after cleaning and the need to follow up with water displacing oil.  
John C in Nottingham MD, June

Boresmith Comment: Gun Cleanser tm is now available in 1.1 gallons.  Email us at

--The cleaning fluid was really great on normal barrel fouling.  Copper removal still needed
ammonia.  Not so pleased with the 'orange smell.' (I have been too familiar with commercial
orange-smelling detergent.)  
Gary S in Pineville OR, April 2014.   

--You sent me a sample of your bore cleaner [Gun Cleanser tm].  It's very good!  The lack of strong
odor is a big plus when cleaning the rifle in a confined  room in my basement.  
The solvent is at
least as good, if not a little more effective than the dedicated solvents
I use, like Montana-X-
treme and Hoppe's Elite.  It would help your marketing if your provided a little more information
about the bore cleaner, like does it remove copper, rust?  Is it made of anything unique?  How did
you come up with the recipe…kind of "folksy".  Any test data on effectiveness…yada yada yada  
Brian M in Bozeman MT, April 2013

--Liked your sample of solvent . . . . Is your solvent available in anything larger than 5.3oz???  MC
H  in Apache Junction AZ, Jan 2013.

--. . . I ran a patch soaked with Gun Cleanser through one of my previously "cleaned" rifles. The
patch came out of the barrel dirty, seems my regular solvent isn't nearly as good as what I thought.  
Gerald R in Tampa FL, July 2011.

--First in line for a through cleaning was my .223 Remington. I had shot and cleaned this gun just
Two days ago. I saturated a .20-.27 Triangle patch with Some of the "Bore Smith Gun Cleaner" you
sent me. Wow the patch came out very black. I sure thought I had done a better job of cleaning the
barrel previously. I love that "Bore Smith Cleaner. . . . . I really
love the Bore Smith Gun Cleaner;
Great product.  
Leo F in Muskogee OK, July 2010.

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