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Angle Brush tm
--Love the [angle] brushes.  Didn't love that it took 5 days between order and shipping.  Cory M in
Torrance CA, Feb 2016.

--I’ve used angled brushes in other environments, so their use for the chamber will be an
extension of that prior use.  And anyone with an M1 Garand should definitely have a set of those on
hand.  I own three Garands and those angled brushes will be handy in various places of the
receiver, not just in the chamber.
 Bob F in Kissimmee FL, June 2015.

. . . . Bottom line, I really like your products. That goes for the paintbrush style brushes also, quite
ingenious.  Sam H in Pine Springs MN, April 2015.

--These unique angled brushes facilitate cleaning those hard to reach area's like the backside
of the chamber
of the AR, and those other hard to reach area's.  With many sizes available and
different brush materials, there is sure to be a right size for every job.  
Mar B in Havelock NC, Nov

--I received the angle brushes today and I used them to clean my semi-auto shotgun. They work
great to clean down in the piston chamber where nothing else reaches. I haven't tried the
[Triangle] patches yet but I might order the Jag Brush to get a good idea of how well they work
together.  Thanks.   
Wayne H in Brick NJ, Aug 2014.

--Oddly enough, even though the angled head brushes are clearly stamped China, they facilitated,
getting out some minor fouling around the bolt of an AR.   Joe K in Fayetteville NC, Oct 2013.  

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