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Rigel Products is innovation at work.  Our people turn new ideas into
products that save you time and make it easier for you to clean your firearms better.  See
more about us at
Our Company.
Firsts.  In Summer 2005, Rigel Products was the first to introduce the Angle Brush TM
onto the firearms market.  Attention to proper engineering has kept the Rigel Products'
Angle Brush
TM as the best of its kind on the market.  See their advantages.  In December
2006, Rigel Products introduced the first three packs of Angle Brushes
TM.  See them at
New products.  We have expanded.  Patent-Pending products are the dual-purpose
bore brush, called the Jag Brush
TM, and the superior bore patch, called the Triangle Patch
TM.  See them at New Products.
The people
at Rigel Products
the men and women of
the United States
Armed Forces for
the brave sacrifices they
have made and
continue to make.
Discussion.  Please join us at for discussions about
gun-cleaning.  Search the group called "Gun Cleaning".
Feedback.  Please read feedback at Feedback.
Store locator.  If you want to see your local store carry it, tell them over and over
again until they tell their distributor to call us or until they call us directly.  See a list of our
dealers at
list of dealers.
Distributors.  Dealers should tell their distributors to carry our products and to be
added to our list of distributors, and our current list is at
Rigel's list of distributors.